We always have a large number of different letters on stock.

As you see in our catalogue of stamps, we also have letters from Denmark, Greenland, Slesvig and the Danish Westindien. But also from the Aland Islands, Iceland and Norway, we normally have several on stock, or at least we can get them for you.



It is very individual what one may find as a speciality, but we are convinced, that several letters from Denmark, Slesvig, Iceland and Norway are very much sought after.

Collection of Letters

It is incredible what is collected within letters. Below you find different types of the most known letters. If you know more of these, we would like to hear from you.

Different types of a collector of letters interest:

Domestic postal stamped letters, regional postal stamped letters, recommended letters, letters with extra value included, magazines, newspapers, address labels for packages, postal instructions, Postal COD, postal receive confirmation, postal delivery confirmation, express postal service, rail station letters, Sunday letters, air mail, consignment notes etc. etc. only the fantasy sets the limit.

Click for different examples from the many letters you will find on this site.
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