Stamps from the Aland Islands:

Special stamps



The 1st. of March 1984 Aland became independent postal area.
Until then Finish stamps were valid in Aland.


Chantarelle (Cantharellus cibarus)


The Chanterelle  (Cantharellus cibarus) is rightly known as king of the mushroomforest, and is our most wanted and delicious forest mushroom. 
The Chanterelle is yellow and grows up till 5-10 cm with a “hat” looking like a funnel.

The Cantrell season is long, because this delicacy can be found from June to October.

King Bolete (Boletus edulis)


The Mushroom/Toadstool Karl Johan (Boletus edulis), is also known as the stone mushroom. This is a remarkable delicious mushroom. It is normally seen in our forests from august until September. 
The body of the mushroom is white or light brown and the top/hat is seen in different brown colours. 
The Karl John Mushroom will grow up to a height of 10-15 cm.


Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota procera)


A big parasol hat which is a very popular and delicious mushroom. It is known on the very beautiful paten pattern on the body looking like snake skin.


The can reach a height of 40 cm, while the hat can reach a diameter of 30 cm.


The hat is formed like an umbrella with a concentric pattern of scales  

It appears in the most of the country.

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