The 11th of March 1851 the postal law was passed in the ”Rigsdagen” and confirmed by King Frederik VII.


The law established the use of stamp and common postal rate for domestic letters, and the law came into force from the 1st of April 1851.


Faroe Island

From the 12th of January 1919 until the 30th of January 1975, The Faroe Island used Danish stamps. The 30th of January 1975 The Faroe Island became independent postal area with own stamps.


The Royal Greenland Trading Company printed the first stamps for Greenland in 1905, it was parcel stamps.
The 1st of July 1937 Greenland became member of the world federation of postal service, and printed their own stamps the 1st of December 1938.


In 1920 an international commission was established in Slesvig as supervisor to the election of where Slesvig should be connected (Germany or Denmark).
The area of Slesvig was divided in 2 country zones. For the use in both country zones the Plebiscit stamps was developed the 25th of January, and sold in German currency.
The stamps were valid until the 17th of July 1920.

Danish Westindien

On the Danish Westindian Islands, St. Croix, St. Jan and St. Thomas, a Danish postal service was established for all the Islands in 1856.
The first stamps were sent in use the 1st of April 1856.

The Aland Islands

The 1st. of March 1984 Aland became independent postal area.
Until then Finish stamps were valid in Aland.


The Danish period of time in Iceland was from 1870 to 1872. I the beginning of 1870 the Danish Postal Ministry opened 2 postal offices in Iceland. One in Reykjavik and one in Seyäisföräur.
The 10th of February the first Icelands stamps was send in use in the city of Husavik.


The 1st of January 1855 the first Norwegian stamps were send into use.

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