Trekantens Frimærkehandel
Allow us to introduce Trekantens Frimærkehandel.
Trekantens Frimærkehandel is dealing in postage stamps, letters, postcards, Christmas seals, catalogues and various stamp accessories.
You may also subscribe to newsletters covering your specific stamp collection as well as supplementary leaves to your stamp album.
Our main trade areas are Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Danish West Indies, Iceland and Norway.
Trekantens Frimærkehandel is a 17-year-old mail order business. We have thus gained wide experience of buying, selling and estimating specific objects as well as collections.
As our assortment connot be presented on this homepage you are most welcome to contact us by letter or phone:

Phone:   +45 21 62 05 55 (Monday - Friday after 5.00 p.m.)



Sales list is available on request.
Personal application according to appointment only.
Yours faithfully
Trekantens Frimærkehandel
Overgaden 3
DK-7080 Børkop

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